Audientes enters first phase of mass production

Audientes enters first phase of mass production

Audientes today announces that it has now entered the first phase of mass production of Ven™ by Audientes with the first batch of commercially saleable devices now shipped to the Indian market. 

In line with the company’s previously communicated rollout strategy, Audientes has now entered the initial phase of mass production of their self-fitting hearing aid, Ven, with the first shipment, in branded retail-ready packaging, now off the production line and in transit to India.

The shipment is earmarked for channel education and sales enablement and is therefore primarily being distributed to key stakeholders in Audientes’ growing partner network in India. Today, Audientes has six partners and over 100 points of sale spanning Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western India.    

A critical milestone in the path to market

“This is a momentous day for us and a critical milestone in our path to market. Now, we have our first shipment of saleable devices on their way to India. With an order book of 1250+, and with new orders rolling in every day, I’m delighted to get these devices into the hands of our partners, all of whom are eager to promote Ven to consumers in their nationwide points of sale retail network,” says Steen Thygesen, CEO, Audientes A/S. 

Allowing for mass market penetration

Audientes has been ramping up to mass production since the latter part of Q4 2021. A critical element of this has been extensive product testing, including comprehensive assessments of Ven’s Bluetooth technology, which is a requirement from the Indian authorities to sell commercially there.

“With the significant technical boost Ven received last year, we needed to ensure that our hearing aid meets with the official standards required for a Bluetooth-enabled device. I’m happy to say that we have successfully met with the requirements and local approval is now pending from the Indian authorities allowing for mass market penetration of Ven,” says Steen Thygesen.

Production of Ven will now ramp up with full mass production expected in February.