Equity Story

Equity Story

Making smart, self-fitting hearing aids accessible and affordable to everyone who needs them.

Audientes A/S is a Danish technology company specializing in smart, self-fitting and affordable hearing aids. Audientes’ unique hearing aid solution, Ven™, is in the process of being rolled out in the Indian market, before being introduced to the US OTC marked and other markets thereafter.

Audientes’ mission is to help the approximately half a billion people globally suffering from disabling hearing loss who either do not have access to a hearing aid or who cannot afford one. 

Audientes is headquartered in Copenhagen and has a subsidiary in Hyderabad, India.

Why invest?

Today approximately half a billion people suffer from disabling hearing loss. By 2050, that number is expected to reach 900 million. We plan to address this global health challenge by bringing our affordable hearing aid to the millions of hearing impaired people around the world who need it.

Key reasons for investing in Audientes:

1. An existing and growing hearing health gap in emerging economies and large markets with middle income segments such as the USA. Approx. 90% of people with disabling hearing loss live in low-and-middle income countries (source WHO).

2. A rapid rise in hearing loss globally due to noise exposure from, for e.g. recreational use of music played loudly in ears and the environment. WHO predicts 630 million by 2030 and 900 million by 2050.

3. The complexity and cost of existing offerings and their business models provide a clear innovation opportunity for the Audientes self-fitting solution within OTC (over the-counter) and ecommerce sales.

4. A uniquely clear positioning in a growing market segment with “high quality, low cost” products.

The Audientes stock

In 2020 Audientes was listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Denmark.

As of 19 September 2022, Audientes A/S' shares have been traded on Spotlight. (Ticker: AUDNTS).