Meet Ven™ by Audientes – the story behind the name

Meet Ven™ by Audientes – the story behind the name

Get a first-ever glimpse into the journey and decision-making process behind the all-new Ven™ by Audientes.

It’s a big moment for Ven™ by Audientes. The world’s first truly self-fitting hearing aid will soon be available to the millions of people globally who struggle with hearing loss, first launching in India before reaching the United States and beyond.

Here at Audientes, we couldn’t be more excited about reaching this milestone. And to celebrate, we want to share the exciting story behind naming Ven™ and why it’s a loyal companion for life.

All in the name of hearing

The original concept for Audientes started in Denmark. It was here that our team of tech innovators had a vision to create an accessible and personalized hearing solution with truly global reach. Equally important was the desire to make a hearing aid that reflected our Danish roots while also being easily relatable to any country or culture. But how could we accomplish it all?

For reaching these goals, we knew choosing the right name for our hearing aid was key. Since the product name is usually the first element of a brand that customers encounter, we wanted to make sure the name was distinctive, authentic and memorable so that it truly resonated with people.

So, in early 2021, working with a renowned global brand agency, our team kicked off the process to compile the initial name list for our revolutionary hearing aid. After weeks of thoughtful storyboards and co-creation workshops, we landed on 15 promising options. Each individual name we considered involved both a gripping storyline and a unique connection with our audience. More specifically, we were guided by four central themes:

  1. Ease and accessibility symbolize our device’s functional purpose. It’s easy to use and self-fitting with do-it-yourself functionality, and the name needs to reflect these.

  2. Boldness represents our collective aspiration to make a device that’s smart and high-quality but also fun and different.

  3. Reliability suggests a deeper emotional connection. People can count on this hearing device to be friendly, warm and non-intrusive.

  4. Approachable and trustworthy qualities represent both the emotional and aspirational. This hearing aid is both high-quality and relatable, all at the same time.

Following these ideas, in just a few weeks we had slimmed the list down to just five names. For each one, the choice to keep or not was tough, but we kept circling back to one universal characteristic—friendliness. When we thought about the essence of a friend and everything this involves, it embodied all the themes that had been guiding us the whole time. Luckily, one of our final five choices gave us the perfect way to capture this as our brand-new product name.

Introducing Ven™: a friendly tribute to our Nordic roots

Just this month, in August 2021, we proudly revealed the name Ven™ to the world. As the Nordic word for “friend,” we knew that, whether you speak Danish or not, this word holds significance across all languages and cultures. Specifically, the storytelling behind the name denotes a companion helping you out when you need it and, figuratively, performing an important role in your life—which is exactly what our self-fitting hearing aid promises to do.

In Danish culture, the term ven, or friend, holds a deep meaning as well. For us, friendship is an obligation, a trust and a lifelong commitment. A friend is someone who stands by your side and who can make all the difference in the world, and we translate these directly into our brand as a whole. More than anything, we believe that our new product name will help position Audientes as close to the human element and emotions affecting people with hearing loss.

It’s time to let the world in

As of today, Ven™ by Audientes will be introduced to the Indian market through both online and offline channels where, again, the name is a central component. Steen Thygesen, our CEO, sums it up best when he says:

We are delighted to present our customers with something surprising; not a number or an acronym. This is a fresh name that’s easy to pronounce and adopt globally.

We believe Ven will make a huge difference to people with disabling hearing loss everywhere.

In other words, with the all-new Ven™, anyone struggling with hearing loss can finally let the world in.  Available online or over the counter for a fraction of the cost of most other hearing aids, Ven reintroduces a world of sound, experiences and human connections—and for the first time, you can finally experience it for yourself.