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Your hearing and your experience with Ven™ by Audientes are our top priorities. Got a question? No problem. Our customer support specialists are here to help. Call us, send us an email or check out our online guides.

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30 day money-back guarantee

Warranty and Terms & Conditions

At the time of purchase, Audientes provides a warranty on all Ven hearing aids, accessories and charging cables. To read more about the Warranty, as well as our Terms & Conditions, please click below.

Frequently asked questions

Got a question about our products? Or need help figuring out the right solution? Check out our frequently asked questions below.

What does ‘self-fitting’ mean?

Self-fitting refers to next-generation hearing aids, like Ven, that can adapt themselves to your hearing profile, improving your ability to hear without you having to visit a hospital or clinic. It means that you can run a hearing test yourself at home or wherever you choose. The hearing test and resulting audiogram are built in to the Ven hearing aid and are extremely easy for people to perform themselves.

How do I use Ven to perform a hearing test?

You can perform a hearing test either via the built-in neckband controls or the Audientes smartphone app. For more information, see our Self-fitting Guide . Ven plays tones. If you hear the tone you press a button on the neckband or tap the app screen. A hearing test takes a couple of minutes, after which the hearing aid calibrates to your personal hearing profile, addressing both right and left ears.

Do I need a smartphone to use Ven?

No, not at all. Everything you need comes built in to Ven—including the hearing test. You can run your hearing test, select one of the 5 built-in programs, turn up the volume, turn off one ear and run a fresh hearing test, among other things. The Audientes app enables additional features such as adding and removing programs, call handling and music streaming.

Can i use just one earpiece?

Yes. The earpieces are detachable. If you only experience hearing loss in one ear, you can just use one of the earpieces.

what does 'binaural' mean?

Binaural means “both ears.” Ven is binaural since it works for both of your ears (in contrast to traditional hearing aids). In other words, with Ven, you only ever need to buy one device.

Who should use Ven?

Ven is for adults suffering from mild to severe hearing loss, which means hearing loss in the range of 26-70 dB-HL. Ven is not designed for children with hearing loss.
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